What does the warranty cover?

Warranty Policy

Allo Allo has developed a fully automated self-service return service for you. In the event of a problem with your device, you can return your device quickly and independently.

24 month hardware warranty

The products sold on our store have a 2-year warranty.

As soon as your device breaks down or presents any other malfunction, when it is switched on for the first time or after several uses, please open a request for assistance then select the problem encountered from the list of choices offered.

warranty battery

If your battery discharges abnormally or presents any other anomaly, please open a request for assistance in order to proceed with the return of your defective product.

Optimal battery: 6 months warranty in case of defective battery.
New battery: 12 months warranty in case of defective battery.

Battery status of Apple products

Providing you with a working battery is important to us.
You are guaranteed to receive an iPhone or iPad with a maximum capacity greater than 80%.

We guarantee the optimum condition of your battery for 30 days. If during this period the maximum capacity of your battery drops below 80%, please open a request for assistance in order to return your defective product.

6 month AirPods warranty

The AirPods sold on our store have a 6-month warranty. This warranty covers malfunctions and the battery.

What does the warranty not cover?

Damage from a cause external to the device: breakage, shock, fall, scratches.

Damage resulting from use that is detrimental to the good preservation of the device (oxidation, corrosion), from the use of energy, from use or from installation or connection that does not comply with the manufacturer's instructions or from negligence or the use of unsuitable peripherals, software or consumables, errors in connection or commissioning by improper use.

Damage engaging the responsibility of the customer, a third party or resulting from an intentional fault, an act of vandalism, force majeure (fire, lightning, storm) or an electrical surge.

The warranty does not cover the theft of your device.

Good to know :

The warranty starts from the date of receipt of the order.

The return process is fast, return requests are usually completed in less than 4 days if you ship the return package quickly.

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